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The Uplifting Team Leader Practical Skills that Every Manager and Supervisor Needs to lead, empower, and inspire today’s subordinates Managers and supervisors ensure employees complete tasks correctly, on time, and on target. 33e608f8-80e8-4cef-70b0-08d7f4b07597Traditionally, they got things done using threats, punishment, and "shouting"; but this management style has now been edged out of most workplaces. Research shows that today's subordinates work better in a free, positive, and collaborating environment; and managers and supervisors are having to adjust to this workplace reality. This seminar aims at helping managers and supervisors discard the traditional autocratic, top-down, order giver mindsets and equip them with skills and tools they need to become mentors, motivators, counsellors, and coaches. It is ideal for current and potential managers and supervisors who want to make this transformation. KEY LEARNING POINTS: How to… Shift from TRADITIONAL to INSPIRATIONAL team leader. Create a positive work environment. Turn around negative and unproductive employees. Inspire employees to think, act, and work like a team. Motivate employees to work faster, harder, and smarter. Give crystal-clear instructions and directions. Deliver constructive criticism without causing fear, anger, or resentment. Resolve conflicts quickly and effectively. Empower staff to develop solutions to complex problems. Project an image of credible and capable team leaders. 4 37500.00 Days Edit | Details | Delete
The Art of Public Speaking and Presentations How to Deliver Clear, Credible and Compelling Presentations The ability to stand in front of a group and make persuasive presentations is an essential skill all professional should have. d26a02cb-13f9-404e-dafc-08d7f51ab08bProficiency in public speaking makes it easy to sell ideas and to influence people. It also improves a speakers’ critical thinking ability, it builds his or her self-confidence, and it enables him or her to connect with all types of people. The Art of Public Speaking and Presentations is a 3-day seminar designed for people who desire to make speeches and presentations with ease and confidence. It also targets those who want to learn how to motivate, persuade, and hold the attention of a group. During the seminar, participants will learn how to organise their thoughts logically, tailor their messages to specific audiences, and adapt to listener feedback. KEY LEARNING POINTS How to set SMART speaking objectives. Techniques for audience-centeredness. Most commonly used speech patterns. How to create compelling, accurate, relevant and reliable content. How to select, phrase, and organise content. How to convey information clearly, accurately and interestingly. How to use voice, posture, and nonverbal communication to add power and impact to presentations. Guidelines for audio-visual support. Patterns for persuasive speaking. 3 30000.00 Days Edit | Details | Delete
Conducting Structured Hiring Interviews How to Accurately Read a Candidate’s Skill Levels, Work Attitude, and Job Aptitude Hiring the right people is critical to every company's and every team leader’s success. 5b7e109b-0dd5-4b2c-dafd-08d7f51ab08bSelecting people who possess skills and experience appropriate for the job results in greater staff retention, increased productivity, better teamwork, higher staff morale, and enhanced company reputation. Conducting Structured Hiring Interviews is a 2-day seminar designed to enable participants learn how to gauge a candidate’s ability to perform on-the-job. During the seminar, participants will learn how to assess a candidate’s knowledge, skills, and abilities based on a structured assessment. They will gain skills in identifying job skills and competencies; preparing for interviews; conducting interviews; and selecting the right candidates. KEY LEARNING POINTS How to establish rapport and put interviewees at ease. How to know the REAL applicant and if he or she has the required skills. Questioning techniques that help interviewers read between the lines of applicants’ rehearsed answers (to uncover their real work attitude). How to assess technical job skills and measure ability. Listening tips that will help interviewer remember what applicants said. How to rate applicants performance at job interviews. Proven methods for measuring and assessing applicants’ strengths and weaknesses. 2 22500.00 Days Edit | Details | Delete
Telephone Etiquette for Switchboard and Call Centre Executives How To Sound Friendly, Helpful, And Professional Have you tried calling an organization, and you got upset by the way their switchboard operator handled your call? What is it that upset you? f76ebe4a-f306-4118-dafe-08d7f51ab08bWas it how long it took before your call was attended to? Or was it because the operator sounded bored, unhelpful or unfriendly? Were you transferred to the wrong extension; kept on hold for long without explanation; or bounced from extension to extension? Your receptionist or telephone operator is the first contact customers, suppliers and partners have with your organization; and, every time they answer the phone, they can make or break a business relationship. Telephone Etiquette for Receptionists and Switchboard Operators is a practical 1-day event aimed at equipping receptionists and switchboard operators with skills that will help them come across as friendly, responsive, and professional. During the seminar, participants will learn how to handle calls in ways that make callers feel listened to and respected. KEY LEARNING POINTS How to convey positivity and enthusiasm on phone. Telephone handing behaviours that annoy callers and how to avoid them. Techniques for handling and disarming aggressive, rude, angry or upset callers. How to convey the correct message and attitude. How to take error-free messages. 2 19000.00 Days Edit | Details | Delete
Training Facilitation Skills for Trainers, Teachers, and Lecturers How to Keep Trainees Interested, Enthusiastic, and Participating Trainers who use interactive techniques achieve better results than those who do so by lecturing. 0958ce15-56bd-4396-daff-08d7f51ab08bAdult trainees absorb and process information most effectively when training is conducted in an atmosphere of active involvement and participation. Participatory training keeps trainees engaged in the training and makes learning fun and enjoyable. Knowledge obtained this way is more easily internalized and put into practice. Training Facilitation Skills for Trainers is a practical 3-day seminar designed for people who conduct training. It is intended to help them learn how to design and deliver training sessions that trainees will find exciting, memorable and worthwhile. It is also great opportunity to meet and network with other training professionals who share a desire to make training easy, fun and meaningful. KEY LEARNING POINTS Adult learning styles and how to relate to each of them. How to create a positive training environment that motivates and stimulates learning. Activities to loosen up trainees and put them in mood to learn. How to use reflective listening and feedback to encourage group involvement, to clarify and expand upon trainee contributions, to guide the direction of discussions, and to enhance trainees' understanding of content and concepts. How to use experiential activities to facilitate learning and mastery of both knowledge and skills. 3 29000.00 Days Edit | Details | Delete
Consultative Selling Skills How to Win More Customers and Close More Sales by Building Relationships Consultative Selling Skills Seminar is an interactive 3-day event designed to help you improve your sales productivity by cultivating trust and friendship with prospects. 424aa4ff-a16c-427a-db00-08d7f51ab08bDuring the seminar, you’ll practice how to persuade prospects that they can trust you to look after their best interests, and how to convince them that they can count on you to solve their problems. After this training, they will stop viewing you simply as a salesperson trying to push products or services but they’ll look at you as someone who can create value for them and their businesses and as someone who can help them develop solutions tailored specifically for them. The result of this approach to selling is enhanced sales volumes through repeat business and referrals - research shows that customers buy mostly from people they trust and like. KEY LEARNING POINTS WHERE and HOW to find profitable prospects. How to transform yourself from a traditional salesperson to a trusted partner, an advisor, and a problem solver. Interpersonal and communication skills that pull customers and prospects closer. Making persuasive sales presentations. How to ask effective questions and genuinely listen so that clients feel understood and valued. How to turn around objections and resistance. Closing techniques that guarantee client commitment. 3 29000.00 Days Edit | Details | Delete
Introduction to Project Management Complete All Your Projects on Time and Within Budget Employees are often required to manage projects - even when they have not been trained as project managers. e774f831-b0ed-4c42-db01-08d7f51ab08bStarting a project with an effective process can help project managers achieve success. This seminar is intended to prepare participants to assume leadership responsibilities for projects. They will be empowered with the skills and tools to manage projects, from initial planning to completion. KEY LEARNING POINTS How to develop project plans and get them started in the right direction. How to set realistic timelines and goals for projects How to set up checkpoints to gauge project progress along the way. How to use scheduling tools like Gantt, CPM, and PERT. How to recognize and avoid pitfalls that can sabotage even well-conceived projects. How to avoid omissions and miscalculations. How to estimate time and costs accurately to reduce the risk of costly delays and errors. How to provide for contingencies. Communication skills that help secure required resources, and help improve cooperation and support. How to creatively solve problems and handle conflicts. WHO WILL BENEFIT People new to project management or those who have never attended training on project management. 2 20000.00 Days Edit | Details | Delete
Hello Customer Customer Care Skills for Front-Desk Executives Front desk executives are the public face of most organisations. 9a0c7526-e1b4-44d3-db02-08d7f51ab08bThey are the first people customers and visitors see, and they are the first voice callers hear over the phone. Successful front desk executives must be excellent communicators and strong administrators. They must be able to comfortably interact with individuals from all professional levels and backgrounds, project a credible and self-assured image, and convey the right attitude and demeanour. This 3-day seminar is designed to help front desk executives perform their important job with confidence and authority. KEY LEARNING POINTS How to welcome visitors and callers in ways that convey warmth and professionalism. How to communicate an image of poise and confidence. How to deal effortlessly with tough situations, such as VIPs who won’t follow company rules. Interpersonal skills that guarantee instant rapport. Telephone techniques that guarantee exceptional results. How to organise work area, time, and responsibilities. Desk-clearing solutions that keep the front desk area tidy. Handling safety threats, security issues, and emergencies. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? (1) Front desk executives (2) Swichboard operators (3) Secretaries, personal assistants and security officers who play "front-desk" roles in their organisations 2 22000.00 Days Edit | Details | Delete
Financial Literacy for Small-Business Owners Don’t Get Lost When Accountants Start Talking Many non-finance employees don’t understand the language used by their finance counterparts in meetings and business discussions. 36f2f0e1-802d-422e-db03-08d7f51ab08bThey find the terminologies and statements used unclear, confusing or frustrating, yet the information they need to make decisions is often buried within those figures and statements. Finance for Non-Finance Employees is a powerful 2-day seminar designed to provide financial literacy to non-finance employees During the seminar, participants will learn the basics of finance in easy-to-understand layman's terms. They will, also, understand how to use financial information and statements to operate more efficiently and successfully. KEY LEARNING POINTS How to analyse and interpret financial statements. How cash flow works, and what it means to an organisation’s short-term health and solvency. How to bring the bottom line into clear focus with expert methods to determine profitability. How to spot trends and growth areas in balance sheets, P&L statements, and other financial documents. How to build accurate budgets. How to use ratio analysis formulas to judge how well an organisation or department is managed. WHO WILL BENEFIT... People who do not have any background or training in finance. 2 22000.00 Days Edit | Details | Delete
Coaching Skills for Managers and Supervisors How to Make Workplace Training Focused and Effective Knowledge of any skill, no matter how comprehensive, does not guarantee the ability to teach it. e30f5d1c-2a77-4064-db04-08d7f51ab08bPoorly conducted training sessions result in mistakes, accidents, bad habits, confusion, frustration, financial loss, or inconsistencies in the way tasks are completed. This seminar aims at helping supervisors and managers become skilled and confident in their ability to conduct training. After the seminar, participants will facilitate sessions that ensure their trainees reach full productivity in the shortest time possible. KEY LEARNING POINTS How to spot training needs. Barriers to learning, and how you can avoid them. How to inspire adults to want to learn. Setting SMART training objectives. Designing content-rich training sessions Creating a learner-friendly training environment. Using participatory and interactive training methods. How to make learners relate training material to experience. Making training sessions relevant and meaningful. The art of one-on-one instruction. Ensuring effective transfer of learning. Assessing training effectiveness. WHO WILL BENEFIT... Managers, supervisors, department trainers, and HR staff 2 22000.00 Days Edit | Details | Delete
Team Building Slogan We facilitate team building events for groups of ALL sizes. 36063cb1-80f8-4276-db05-08d7f51ab08bOur process creates widespread synergy that results in sustained high performance at the workplace. We use outdoor experiential techniques to get people to experience the power of diversity, to feel the strength of teamwork, and to share the rewards of effective teamwork. The process consists of interactive outdoor challenges and problem-solving activities — some requiring a degree of physical involvement. Taking employees out of the office helps teams to break down political and personal barriers, eliminate distractions, and have fun together. BENEFITS OF TEAM BUILDING... Employees develop more effective working relationships. Team members share positive and memorable experiences. Staff see their colleagues in a whole new light, and they gain better understanding of each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and talents. Employees gain better awareness of how teams work, and they plan how to apply the lessons to their teams. Employees enjoy the outing, and they also feel that the company values them. Teams identify barriers to effectiveness, and they develop action plans for improvement. Eliminates political and personal barriers to effectiveness. Team goes back to work with shared experience, commitment, and understanding. 1 10000.00 Days Edit | Details | Delete
Hello Colleagues Slogan Departmental silos exist where departments don’t communicate effectively with each other. 09c8fa07-bcf9-4db5-db06-08d7f51ab08b In a silo environment, employees focus only on their own workload and priorities, and they are rarely interested in what is going on outside their departments. They are distrustful of their colleagues in other departments, and they are resistant to input and feedback from anyone outside. Silos affect an organisation’s ability to function effectively. They prevent free flow of information; disrupt teamwork and collaboration; cause duplication of effort; and trigger a drop in productivity and morale. Hello, Colleagues! is an effective forum for demolishing silos and strengthening workplace relationships. It is a 2-day event designed to improve how departments relate with one another, streamline processes that cut across departments, and resolve existing inter-departmental conflicts. THE BENEFITS Departments understand how their actions and behavior affects other departments. Encourages open and honest communication between departments on the quality of service they provide. Eliminates inter-departmental conflicts that hurt productivity and morale. Improves processes, enhances performance, and improves teamwork. Improves ownership and commitment by all employees. 1 10000.00 Days Edit | Details | Delete