The Uplifting Team Leader

Practical Skills that Every Manager and Supervisor Needs to lead, empower, and inspire today’s subordinates

Date Location Fees (Kshs.)
24 - 27 Nov 2020 Nairobi 37,500.00
25 - 28 Feb 2020 Nairobi 37,500.00
26 - 29 May 2020 Nairobi 37,500.00
25 - 28 Aug 2020 Nairobi 37,500.00

Managers and supervisors ensure employees complete tasks correctly, on time, and on target.

Traditionally, they got things done using threats, punishment, and "shouting"; but this management style has now been edged out of most workplaces.

Research shows that today's subordinates work better in a free, positive, and collaborating environment; and managers and supervisors are having to adjust to this workplace reality.

This seminar aims at helping managers and supervisors discard the traditional autocratic, top-down, order giver mindsets and equip them with skills and tools they need to become mentors, motivators, counsellors, and coaches.

It is ideal for current and potential managers and supervisors who want to make this transformation.


How to…

Shift from TRADITIONAL to INSPIRATIONAL team leader.

Create a positive work environment.

Turn around negative and unproductive employees.

Inspire employees to think, act, and work like a team.

Motivate employees to work faster, harder, and smarter.

Give crystal-clear instructions and directions.

Deliver constructive criticism without causing fear, anger, or resentment.

Resolve conflicts quickly and effectively.

Empower staff to develop solutions to complex problems.

Project an image of credible and capable team leaders.

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