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Killer Spouses

Katherine Knight

Katherine Knight was born in 1955 in New South Wales, Australia.

She married David Kellett in 1974, and, on the night of their wedding, she tried to strangle him.

Kellet forgave her and stayed on, but theirs was a violent relationship. One time, she hit him at the back of the head with a frying pan because he came home late; and the impact fractured his skull. Police charged her with assault, but she sweet-talked Kellet into dropping the charges.

In 1976, Kellet left her for another woman because he could not cope with her abuse.

After that, she dated a couple of men, but they all left because she was violent.

In 1988, she married John Price, who was recently divorced, and he was living with his two daughters. Within one year, she had stabbed him four times; but he stayed on because he said his daughters liked her.

One morning, in February 2000, he passed by a local police station to seek a restraining order against her for himself and his daughters. Later, at work, he told colleagues that if he did not come to work the following day, it is because Knight had murdered him. They asked him not to go home, but he said he had no choice because he was afraid she might harm his daughters.

The following day, his workmates became suspicious when he did not show up at work, so they sent one of them to look for him at home. He found all the doors locked, but nobody responded when he knocked. When he looked around, he noticed blood at the front door; and he reported to the police. When police broke into the house, they found Price's body; and Knight was lying next to it, unconscious. She had taken an overdose of pills.

His body did not have any skin; and, when the police looked around, they found it hanging on one of the doors. They also found his head and other organs in a boiling pot in the kitchen.

In court, witnesses testified that Knight had told Price's daughters to go for a sleep-over at their friend's home, that Knight and Price had made love the night of the murder, and that she stabbed him 37 times with a butchers knife while he slept. She then cut off and cooked parts of Price's body, including his head. She planned to serve them to his two daughters when they returned. On the same night, she withdrew $1,000 from Price's account at an ATM.

On 8 September 2001, Justice Barry Stanley John O'Keefe sentenced Knight to life imprisonment without parole, and he ordered that her all papers be marked "NEVER TO BE RELEASED."

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